Eco Friendly Waterproof Baby Change Pad

$ 39.99

Eco friendly waterproof baby changing pad. Made of 100% organic cotton flannel and a non-toxic PUL waterproof layer, these pads are environmentally friendly. Beautiful, absorbent, waterproof and ideal for around the house or on-the-go changes. Slip one on top of your changing table pad to catch accidents or keep them in your diaper bag for use when you are out and about. Perfectly portable and reusable, each pad is 19 x 13.5 inches.

Note: The images are representative of the product but the actual combination of pads in the mixed 3-pack is variable. 

Shipping note: Whenever possible, orders of Piperoos are shipped in previously used packaging as we strive to be eco-friendly in every way possible. 

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