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Three things I love about Encinitas October 5, 2017 09:00

Since we moved we've been mired in working on our new home and getting integrated to our new routines. It feels like we've barely had time to experience our community. That said, here are three things I'm already super grateful for.

  1. The breezes - that soft ocean breeze that seems to somehow be at the perfect temperature all day... pretty irresistible.
  2. The vibe - the chill hippy vibe mixed with incredibly passionate outdoor enthusiasts is such a treat. You get the environmental focus, the surfer cool, and the talented and knowledgeable athletes with experience in so many pursuits. All blended together it feels just right!
  3. The sunsets - I may experience some premature blindness due to their beauty. I just can't seem to stop myself from staring. Such a magical way to wrap up a day. 

If you have a moment, we'd love to hear what you love about your community!

Game changer September 29, 2017 13:36

The baby carrier dilemma... when our daughter was born, we invested in a classic structured baby carrier. We were lucky enough to also be gifted a wrap style carrier. In my mind we were set. 

Turns out I was wrong. The wrap style didn't seem to ever leave her feeling comfortable and the structured carrier wasn't a great fit on my body (better for my husband), but also wasn't that usable when she was an infant. Despite these challenges, I never considered investing in another baby carrier. It seemed redundant and wasteful.

Enter my wonderful friend and mother of two. She insisted she wanted to give us a gift of an ergo baby carrier. I refused and explained my already plentiful stable of carriers. She persisted, and one day an ergo baby arrived in the mail. 

From day 1 my life changed. My daughter was at peace in the carrier and that meant I was too. I could have her snuggled in, but also maintain the use of my arms. I could do things with two hands again. She almost always fell asleep instantly in it. It had a perfect infant insert and was super comfy on my body. I could go walking and have her be happy. It was AMAZING!!! This single piece of equipment was such a major game changer for us as new parents.

I am eternally grateful for my friends wisdom and persistence, and I want to pass this wisdom on to others. This said, I want you to find the right carrier for you. For me, it's ergo all the way.

3 Ways to be Eco-Conscious Parents September 22, 2017 16:36


Piperoos strives to be eco-conscious in every way possible!! Doing our part for the planet means manufacturing locally, using 100% organic cotton and choosing to use eco-friendly packaging (recycled cardboard and soy-based ink, also printed locally).

We also want to help you be eco-conscious! Here are 3 ideas of ways that you can reduce your impact (based on the that came out on the most effective individual actions to act on climate change) 

1) Eat a vegetarian diet 

We know this one can be hard for many so without going 100% vegetarian, we invite you to eat more and more vegetarian meals. Angela Liddon's website Oh She Glows is a TERRIFIC place for inspiration. Plus, she has a kid of her own and alot of her recipes are kid-friendly such as this fast pasta recipe!

2) Be picky about what you buy

A few criteria should be in the forefront when making purchases. Here are three questions to ask: "do I need this?", "how is this manufactured/produced?" and "will this last?" 

3) Use public or active transport when you can 

This can be a real challenge with kids and public transport isn't always accessible. But when it is, or when the play group or the library is a 20-min walk from your home, take advantage of it! 

It's so important to stay positive about these changes however so make sure you do what you can, but avoid beating yourself up about the stuff you can't do. We all have different realities and we can all do our part, in our own way. 

Every action counts and intention can go a long way as it slowly makes its way into your everyday habits. We'd love to hear from you! What are your eco-friendly actions that you're already doing or that you intend on including in your life? 


Inspiration for the Wonderful Journey of Parenting September 12, 2017 09:14

Parenting is a different experience for everyone, and there is no one way to go about anything when it comes to raising a child. Each decision will be based on your own values and beliefs, for sure, but sometimes it's nice to hear advice from other parents or get inspiration for the journey of parenting. 

Our parenting board  on Pinterest is filled with inspiration and advice on topics such as 

Our goal is to gather advice, inspiration and tips that will help you be a happier parent.

We'd also love to hear from you!! What are some of your best pieces of parenting advice? Is there one thing that you think every parent should know? Do you have a blog post or article to share with us? 

    Eco-Friendly Lunch Ideas September 8, 2017 12:15

    It's that time of year! School has started and vacation is definitely over. It's back to the meal planning and lunch packing fun of September. 

    In order to inspire you to make your lunches as eco-friendly as possible for you, your partner or your kid(s), we've pulled together some pretty terrific ideas. 

    Eco-Friendly Lunch Ideas 

    **these recipes are plant-based because plant-based is always eco-friendly. 

    Tips For a "Green" Lunchbox

    • Invest in some good tupperware that you can use and wash and repeat
    • Choose reusable snack bags vs. plastic snack bags (for example these bags from Itzy Ritzy with adorable patterns) 
    • Avoid juice boxes and individual yogurt containers (or at least recycle them). Use instead small plastic or glass containers such as mason jars (you can get tiny little 4 oz ones that are perfect for small portions)

    If you make just one eco-friendly recipe or put into place one "green" lunchbox tip, you'll be making a difference. We sincerely hope that your back-to-school/work experience is a great one and don't forget to focus on what's important : the people you love. It makes every day brighter. 


    Do I ever love Boba! (Local Treats) August 29, 2017 14:44

    One thing I've learned about since moving to LA is the delight of Boba. Those slippery, perfectly sized balls of tapioca in an icy cool milk tea drink are tough to beat in the local treat category. Boba was not on my radar in my younger years, but in business school some classmates from Taiwan introduced me to the concept and I got hooked. 

    Sometimes called Bubble Tea, this drink was invented in Taiwan in the 80's and has become increasingly popular in the US with several large chains. My local vendor of choice is Brian's Shave Ice & Boba  in Sherman Oaks. They are lovely and happily accommodate my request for a less sweet drink. My only complaint is that sometimes their hours aren't expansive enough to address my Boba needs. Doesn't everyone need boba at 9 am??

    The addiction is spreading... I held off while she was a baby, but from a pretty early stage I also introduced my daughter to boba. It was love at first slurp. 

    What are your favorite local treats?

    Piperoos - The Perfect Baby Shower Gift July 25, 2017 07:57

    Do you have a Baby Shower coming up? Not sure what to get for the new parents-to-be? 

    Piperoos Baby Changing Pads make the perfect baby shower gift ! 

    Here's why:

    • They are so useful. Perfect for on-the-go changes and also for at-home quick floor changes (or to protect the changing table), Piperoos are so very handy. Why? The 100% organic cotton is super absorbent, they are super easy to wash (machine-washable) and they are small enough to roll up or stack without taking up tons of space! 
    • They are really gorgeous. The packaging and the super soft flannel pads are so beautiful! Parents-to-be will fall in love with the adorable patterns of the changing pads themselves but also adore the super classy box.  
    • They are very versatile. Piperoos change pads are so much more than just that. They're also perfect for tummy time, for shoulder time, as an extra layer in the crib and even as a blanket! 
    • They are eco-friendly. Piperoos baby change pads are eco-friendly in so many ways and if your friends are environmentally conscious, they'll be so happy to learn about all the ways our company is committed to being "green".

    Place your order now! 

    Get your perfect baby shower gift through our online boutique or on Amazon (and enjoy free shipping!) - you won't regret it! 

    Piperoos Baby Changing Pads Make a Perfect Gift

    4 Inspiring Mom's to Follow on Instagram July 11, 2017 13:20

    Instagram can be a terrific place stay up-to-date with your favorite mom bloggers and eco-friendly companies. And, let's face it, there are some Instagram accounts we appreciate more than others because they resonate with our values and have pics that we find inspiring. We've made a list of our 4 favorites (and why they're our favorites) so that we could introduce you to these inspiring mom's. Here goes! 

    4 Inspiring Mom's to Follow on Instagram

    1. Shea @shamelessmama for her beautiful photos of her life with her twin girls and light-hearted way of approaching parenthood.
    2. Meredith @meredithtested for her commitment to being zero waste and plastic free and her posts that spark both reflection and action to be more environmentally responsible.
    3. Jess @thistwinlife for her amazing ideas for DIY crafts and terrific activities to do with toddlers! Also, her pics are so colorful and beautiful.
    4. Amy @americanmadebabybrands because of her passion for baby brands (& products) that are both made in the USA and eco-friendly! 

    Piperoos is on Kickstarter! July 9, 2017 07:06

    We have officially launched our kickstarter campaign!!

    Support Piperoos on Kickstarter

    We're looking for 4,000$ to help make our 100% organic cotton baby change pads available to new parents everywhere. We plan on using the funds to cover design costs, fabric, packaging, and other expenses as Piperoos continues to grow.

    Making The World a Better Place

    Choosing to be environmentally conscious in everything we do (the cotton is 100% organic, the labor will be done by local seamstresses, and the packaging is recycled and uses soy dyes), we aim to make the world a better and more beautiful place for new babies and parents too!

    How Can I Show the Love (Support Piperoos)?

    In exchange for your support (starting at only 10$), we'll send you a variety of gifts, including an exclusive customized 3-pack offer where you can get your changing pads with your baby's name on them. All the gifts will be shipped anywhere in the US and Canada, except, of course, the Watermelon Party (which will be held locally in Studio City, L.A.). 

    FYI : the campaign ends on August 1st and it's an all or nothing situation. We'll only get your pledged funding if we reach the 4000$ goal. So, share with your friends - help us get the word out and thanks for backing this project - it means the world to us! 

    PS you can click here to land on our Kickstarter page and show your love. 


    Piperoos - An Eco Friendly Company June 28, 2017 09:00

    Here at Piperoos, we are so proud to say that we are committed to being truly eco-friendly. Exactly, how eco-friendly you may ask? Well, let us count the ways. 

    How eco-friendly is Piperoos ? 

    1. The fabric for the baby changing pads is 100% organic cotton. 
    2. The manufacturing is done locally (in Los Angeles, California). 
    3. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard and the printing is done with low impact, soy-based ink. 
    4. The boxes are printed in La Mirada, California, just an hour's drive from L.A.
    5. Whenever possible, orders of Piperoos are shipped in previously used packaging. 
    6. Every time Piperoos is sent, an extra fee is paid to offset the carbon footprint of the shipping!

    Also, if you have any questions at all, feel free to ask! You can reach Cora at or Sarah at

    You can also just check out our FAQ tab. 

    Losing The Front Yard June 23, 2017 05:00

    People everywhere scour real estate listings to find the prefect neighborhood. The right spot to raise their kids and enjoy their free time. These days the trend seems to be to private gates, bigger houses, more time indoors, and maybe some unforeseen circumstances?

    We've seen more and more articles recently about the effects of screen time and inactive kids. Now people are also starting to think about what else changes for our kids when they're locked behind those gates? The days of running through the beautiful green front yard between neighbors houses disappear. The natural groups of neighborhood friends don't materialize. The dusk adventures and tree climbing just don't happen. 

    Kids benefit from being outdoors and roughhousing. The open front yards without gates allow for lots of green space to play with the other kids in your neighborhood. You walk outside and just see who's there. These varied groups of kids and organic, un-choreographed activities are critical to developing an understanding of safe risks and boundaries. They help young minds learn to self-manage and encourage imagination. Being able to walk outside and find someone to play with also encourages kids to want to play outside and be active instead of being locked behind a screen.

    The benefits of front yards -

    So next time you're thinking about the right neighborhood for your kids, think about how many open yards there are. How many neighbors to play with until dusk? There may be more magic to an open front yard than you thought. 

    *FREE* Win a 3-pack of Eco-friendly, Waterproof Baby Change Pads ! June 15, 2017 06:59

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