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Why Whole Foods is A Favorite April 6, 2017 00:00

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Whole Foods is a brand that has had my trust for many years now. I first came across them in Toronto and before even knowing some of their values, I fell in love with the fresh produce, the diverse selection, and the feel of their lovely stores. I think it may have been the cheese that really got me, or was it that tower of carrots? I can't recall. 

Love & appreciation 

Since moving to California, my appreciation has persisted. We were lucky enough to live a 5 min walk from a Whole Foods for many years in Santa Monica. In addition to the celebrity sightings (yes, both Luke and Owen Wilson were among them), I got to know their sandwich counter intimately as it served me well for countless meals. I also started to love the new products I would get exposed to. I felt like I didn't have to search, and yet new great eco-friendly products would just come my way. 

It's all about trust 

Where I'm at now is really all about trust. I know not everything they sell is organic. Some packaging could be more green. But in general, I feel at ease trusting that they've done their best to bring me an array of options that are as eco-friendly as possible while also providing the quality and the wealth of options I want. Keep it up Whole Foods Team!