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Inspiration for the Wonderful Journey of Parenting September 12, 2017 09:14

Parenting is a different experience for everyone, and there is no one way to go about anything when it comes to raising a child. Each decision will be based on your own values and beliefs, for sure, but sometimes it's nice to hear advice from other parents or get inspiration for the journey of parenting. 

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    Toddler Travel Tips May 4, 2017 12:00

    Toddler Travel Tips from Piperoos

    Well, I won't say we're the best at this, but we seem to do pretty well. Our daughter has traveled a pretty significant amount for a mini. Her first flight was at 8 weeks and she handled it like a champ. Since then she's been on 3 different continents and averaged probably close to a flight a month (but who's counting). 

    So how do we make it work? 

    Tip 1: Snacks

    We bring more food in snacks for a flight than I feel like we should eat in a whole week of snacks. It's critical. We pack lots of diverse options including fresh stuff to kick off the trip.  I also try to make the snacks be things we haven't had in a week or two to add an element of novelty.

    Tip 2: New/Exclusive toys

    We keep a set of toys that are only available for travel adventures. These get put away when we get home, but seem fresh and exciting every time we head out on a trip. I also try to supplement and refresh this collection with new toys when I can. Anytime I see a sale where I can pick up a $1-$5 item, I grab it and then add that to the mix. Bonus tip - keep it wrapped in it's packaging so that they can have the excitement of opening it as well. This can be tricky if you're limited for space, but do what you can.

    Tip 3: Patience. For everyone.

    When leaving on a trip I try to shift my mindset to be a little more laid back about my standards and to manage expectations. Kids are little and trips are different experiences. This can be scary and stressful for them. They're not acting out to torture you or make you look bad in front of your relatives. They're just struggling right along with you. They also feed off your stress and energy. Try to be as patient and forgiving as you can. We kick-start this by using our special "calming cream" on trips. Ours is made by Origins and is in a tiny green bottle. I received it as a gift and it's lovely! I'd say any calming aromatherapy cream of your choosing would help make a difference. The great news is, upon researching the company, I discovered that they are committed to being earth-friendly, use all-natural ingredients and use recycled/post-consumer materials for their packaging. 

    Good luck and happy travels! We hope you get to enjoy the amazing benefits of travel with your little ones. Take the risk. Teach them about all the wonderful and different parts of our world.