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3 Things we Love About Pint Size Kids June 8, 2017 11:00

Do you know about Pint Size Kids

Situated in Sherman Oaks, California, Pint Size Kids is a wonderful space for kids to play, learn and interact with other children. There are 3 things we love about this place. 

  1. It's exciting and inviting! When you walk in for playtime, there is a general area with little roads for the Little Tikes cars to follow but also a grocery store area, a house area, a dentist area and a workshop area. Kids can play for hours with other friends and/or their own imagination. 
  2. The space is well organized. There is space for toddlers to play, a separate space for babies to hang out, a zone for Messy Art (one of their classes), an area for snack time and even a backyard for Soccer School to happen! You don't need to be a member, but it gives you price advantages for play time and classes. 
  3. They offer great classes. We personally love Messy Art and Soccer School but there are also music and dance classes offered. Check out the current offer here.3 things we love about pint size kids -

Spaces like Pint Size Kids are so important for creating community and helping kids learn to play and interact with other kids in a respectful way. 

Do you have any spaces like these in your community? 

Mother's Day Thoughts May 11, 2017 12:40


For today's Three Things Thursday I have Mother's day on my mind. Mother's day can be so joyous for some, but I've also become sensitive that for others, it can be a tough day. Mother's day is a day where we often focus on thanking the mothers around us. One thing to consider this mother's day is it should also be a day to be grateful to be a mom and be thoughtful of those who are struggling with motherhood in one form or another.

Figuring out motherhood obviously has a million associated challenges. Some moms are lucky enough to have pretty smooth sailing. They have lots of family and community support, physical and mental health, they don't struggle with infertility, have financial security and a loving partner. For others, it doesn't happen quite like that... 

Several very loved moms in my world have struggled with infertility. For those who have dealt with miscarriages and all of the other difficulties that come with the myriad aspects of infertility, I'm thinking of you this mothers day. I have one friend who was lucky enough to give birth after many years of struggle. Their family chose to use surrogate eggs and I know she at one time questioned whether her kids would think of her as their mom. This thought (though understandable) is so wild! The love and care in their family from the time those eggs were implanted is the love of a mom (and a dad too in this case). Genetics are not what makes a mom.

This is just one example of a thought that comes to mind for me at Mother's day. And in this light, here are three things to keep in mind this coming Sunday:

  1. Momhood comes in many different forms
  2. Missing a mom could be especially tough on Mother's day
  3. Motherhood is a privilege not all get to enjoy

Feeling lucky today to be a mom.


Three Things we Love About Gardening April 20, 2017 09:30

Three things we love about gardening Piperoos

Gardening is such a fun activity and for so many reasons, but here are the three main reasons we love to garden. 

1) It's fun!

Gardening is an activity enjoyed by many and it's because it is genuinely fun. Seeing your plants start popping out of the soil and being amazed by the speed at which they grow are a big part of it. The planning, the planting and especially the tasting contribute as well. 

2) It's a learning experience 

For toddlers, kids and adults, gardening means learning about how food is grown. When you take the time to garden, you learn what a pea sprout looks like and how long it takes till the plant produces the food. You also get to learn what kind of plants grow best in which climates and how much sunlight and water different plants require. For a quick beginners guide to starting a vegetable garden, read this article provided by the Old Farmer's Almanac. You can also just go the trial-and-error route but you may get less produce your first year. 

Gardening is a learning experience for toddlers - Piperoos

3) It means local and fresh food at our doorstep (literally) 

Gardening means that tomatoes, peas and other veggies can be enjoyed at their freshest ! The peak season here in California is summertime, but we enjoyed fresh tomatoes last year up until January. Eating locally is a very eco-friendly gesture, so be assured that the time and effort put into your little garden is also great way to be green.  

Fresh tomatoes in January!

Gardening doesn't require a big backyard or elaborate tools... it can easily be done in big pots or square "beds". You can even upcycle pallets to make a garden if you want an extra project to add to the fun. It's also possible to garden on a balcony, if that's the space you have. The only really big limiting factor when it comes to gardening is lack of sunlight. If your backyard or balcony is really shady, it'll be more difficult to grow your own vegetables. But, other than that, you can just get creative with the space you have and enjoy the process. 

And if you're gardening with little ones but need some ideas as to what to plant, click here for a list of ten easy veggies to grow with kids. Also, we would love to see some pics of your garden if you decide to start one (or if you are already a fan of gardening), so please feel free to share!