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Why we love Earth Baby March 23, 2017 02:00

Finding Earth Baby was such a victory for Piperoos! This charming, earth friendly boutique on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City is like a treasure chest full of green baby treats. 

Earth Baby Boutique

This store has so many adorable things that you have to allow yourself some time to really look and absorb what's in here. Also, Renee and her team have done such a great job on the decor that on one of my initial visits I tried to buy one of her decorations.

Best of all though, is that this store is filled with green products made by local moms! They source locally and are a great voice in the community encouraging people to invest in local businesses. They also focus on organic products and do a wonderful job educating people about green and eco-friendly options for your baby and home.

Speaking of local... it's always a treat when the team shares which local celebrity has recently stopped by. 


Premium Halloween in Studio City October 31, 2016 11:39

It's that spooky time of year... kids have been planning costumes for weeks, college students are plotting how to maximize social "opportunities" through the best outfits and parties, and Studio City is going INSANE!

We have a great neighborhood, but we have more people passionate about Halloween here than I've seen anywhere else. No joke folks... Studio City Halloween isn't just about pumpkins and trick or treating, we have a neighborhood filled with landscape designers crafting the wildest Halloween scenes you can imagine. For weeks we've had premium light shows, blocked streets, designer blow up creatures and more. A lot of this is driven by Boney Island which is a creative (and free) haunted house which delights babies and kids for miles around. Each year our little pocket gets ~800 ecstatic kids, a police presence to manage traffic, and a bunch of media attention. Last year the 101 Freeway was briefly shut down, and we had multiple news helicopters covering the scene. 

Premium Halloween in Studio City -

Just a little glimpse into our world during this part of the holiday season. Seems like Studio City has been designed for a premium Halloween!