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Being Green in the Kitchen - A Few Recipe Ideas February 7, 2017 12:11

I was planning to chat with you today about a favorite winter recipe, but... I can't decide.

So instead maybe this set of suggestions will help you get out of a rut. Whatever season it is, our family can get to a place where we just buy the same groceries, week after week, but sometimes you need something to shake things up. Here's hoping this helps to mix it up for you:

Lentil soups: I'm super into lentil soup these days and if you do it in a crockpot it's so easy. You have maybe 15 min of prep time and voila - a protein filled, cost effective, eco-friendly, yummy, yummy meal. Add some cumin for a funky tweak and some spinach for some extra green. A side of warm fresh bread and a slice of cheese can be heavenly.

Lentil, potato and spinach soup

- Potato, lentil and spinach soup - 

Buffalo cauliflower sandwiches: So we're lighter on the protein here, but we do really well in terms of delicious flavors. The melty blue cheese, the spicy buffalo sauce, it's all making my mouth water right now. Make sure you have some great crusty bread to set it off. 

Veggie chili: Another crock pot favorite. As long as you have some beans, you should be in good shape. Our "designer" options are some frozen corn, maybe celery, and garbanzo beans in addition to your chili basics. This also freezes well which is handy.

Crockpot chili - Piperoos - Being Green in the Kitchen
- Crockpot Chili - 

Whatever you're making these days, please try to stay eco-friendly by choosing local, seasonal ingredients. Here's a hint - the things that are plentiful and reasonably priced in your grocery store are usually the ones that are in season. Of course, buying organic can be a little more pricy, but I'm happy to do it when I can for the health of our families and our food growing communities. Using the EWG's Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen Guide for prioritizing which fruits and vegetables to buy as organic produce is another way to be green without busting your budget. Lentils and beans are of course especially great options for the green diner as they pack so much protein into an eco-friendly package.

So there it is... a few ideas for you. Of course, reach out if you'd like more details on any of these OR if you have a recipe to share!