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Sarah from Real Simple Mama tested Piperoos while Moving Houses July 20, 2016 11:15

Sarah from was lucky enough to receive her Piperoos just in time for moving houses and was pretty delighted with their quality and versatility!

"I got my Piperoos when we were in the middle of moving; with two kids under three years old, this has been no small task. And the Piperoos came in handy multiple times: when changing a diaper in the back of our car, laying our baby down for a minute in our new (furniture-less) home, or grabbing out of my bag while nursing at a restaurant."

- Sarah,

She also raved about our eco-friendly measures:

"I also did some more research on the company behind the product. And what I found was some of the most incredible eco-friendly measures I have ever seen from a brand.

You probably are not surprised that the Piperoos are 100% organic cotton flannel. And the packaging is recycled cardboard. But their efforts did not stop there – both the final product and their boxes are made locally; the ink used on the shipping labels is low impact and soy-based; and the company pays a fee to negate their carbon footprint from each product shipped!"

- Sarah,

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