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3 Things we Love About Pint Size Kids June 8, 2017 11:00

Do you know about Pint Size Kids

Situated in Sherman Oaks, California, Pint Size Kids is a wonderful space for kids to play, learn and interact with other children. There are 3 things we love about this place. 

  1. It's exciting and inviting! When you walk in for playtime, there is a general area with little roads for the Little Tikes cars to follow but also a grocery store area, a house area, a dentist area and a workshop area. Kids can play for hours with other friends and/or their own imagination. 
  2. The space is well organized. There is space for toddlers to play, a separate space for babies to hang out, a zone for Messy Art (one of their classes), an area for snack time and even a backyard for Soccer School to happen! You don't need to be a member, but it gives you price advantages for play time and classes. 
  3. They offer great classes. We personally love Messy Art and Soccer School but there are also music and dance classes offered. Check out the current offer here.3 things we love about pint size kids -

Spaces like Pint Size Kids are so important for creating community and helping kids learn to play and interact with other kids in a respectful way. 

Do you have any spaces like these in your community?