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California Baby and Angel Hair May 23, 2017 16:28

Does your little one have long but very fine (and easily tangled) hair? 

Ours does. And we've been using, and LOVING, California Baby's Calming Hair De-tangler lately. It really is calming and leaves the "angel hair" smelling sweet and easy to manage. But not only is this de-tangler calming, it's also made with organic and sustainably-grown ingredients. 

It's so great t to have a product that's wonderful to use but also so committed to being environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It also makes us happy to know that California Baby was founded and is run by a woman - a real inspiration for Piperoos! Click here for more info about their practices and commitment to the planet and families all over. 

If you use and love California Baby too, give us a shout! 

Piperoos on American Made Baby Brands April 25, 2017 09:35

Amy from American Made Baby Brands recently chatted with Sarah for a series she's doing on Mompreneurs. Her review of Piperoos can be found here but we wanted to share with you our favorite part. 


"Sarah set out to create all-purpose pads similar to cloth diapers and the homemade flannel pads she received as a gift before Piper was born. Her “environmental compass” was to make Piperoos with all organic cotton, recycled packaging, low impact dyes — and locally made to cut down on transportation impact. She even pays to offset the carbon footprint of shipping." 

But don't forget to read the whole post Mama Maker : Sarah from Piperoos over on Amy's blog and maybe even follow her on Facebook

Why Whole Foods is A Favorite April 6, 2017 00:00

Image result for whole foods image

Whole Foods is a brand that has had my trust for many years now. I first came across them in Toronto and before even knowing some of their values, I fell in love with the fresh produce, the diverse selection, and the feel of their lovely stores. I think it may have been the cheese that really got me, or was it that tower of carrots? I can't recall. 

Love & appreciation 

Since moving to California, my appreciation has persisted. We were lucky enough to live a 5 min walk from a Whole Foods for many years in Santa Monica. In addition to the celebrity sightings (yes, both Luke and Owen Wilson were among them), I got to know their sandwich counter intimately as it served me well for countless meals. I also started to love the new products I would get exposed to. I felt like I didn't have to search, and yet new great eco-friendly products would just come my way. 

It's all about trust 

Where I'm at now is really all about trust. I know not everything they sell is organic. Some packaging could be more green. But in general, I feel at ease trusting that they've done their best to bring me an array of options that are as eco-friendly as possible while also providing the quality and the wealth of options I want. Keep it up Whole Foods Team! 

Why we love Earth Baby March 23, 2017 02:00

Finding Earth Baby was such a victory for Piperoos! This charming, earth friendly boutique on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City is like a treasure chest full of green baby treats. 

Earth Baby Boutique

This store has so many adorable things that you have to allow yourself some time to really look and absorb what's in here. Also, Renee and her team have done such a great job on the decor that on one of my initial visits I tried to buy one of her decorations.

Best of all though, is that this store is filled with green products made by local moms! They source locally and are a great voice in the community encouraging people to invest in local businesses. They also focus on organic products and do a wonderful job educating people about green and eco-friendly options for your baby and home.

Speaking of local... it's always a treat when the team shares which local celebrity has recently stopped by. 


Joining a cult... the good kind February 19, 2017 15:00

(This post includes an affiliate link but all opinions are our own). 

So we've joined a cult. In the best way. It took several coupons before we jumped on board, but since we did it's been food happiness. The cult is helping us be more eco-friendly, waste less, save money, and be exposed to a wide range of new things. "What is it?" you ask. It's Blue Apron

What is Blue Apron? 

Blue Apron sends you a weekly package of groceries and a recipe. Simple right? But no, the super yummy meals are designed to be easy to make, use seasonal ingredients, have an adjustable spiciness, use only basic kitchen utensils, and be different every day (for a full year)! They create recipes from a wide range of cultures and do a great job at veggie options. Oh and did I mention they use lots of perfectly fresh veggies in every dish. Not everything is organic, but they always try to use local farms, and sustainable seafood options. I wonder constantly how they can accomplish so many goals. I can barely do that for one meal, let alone doing that cost effectively with perfect portions day in and day out.

How Blue Apron fixes a bunch of problems 

My first impression when I heard about Blue Apron was that it was going to be expensive and unnecessary for us. I can buy groceries and look up recipes right? Also, if I want groceries delivered, wouldn't I just use a grocery delivery service that lets me get ALL the groceries I need? I was mistaken. Turns out that Blue Apron fixes a bunch of problems we had. Firstly, it's helped us reduce waste and we're always looking for ways to be more green. The measured portions in each package means we're using exactly what we need with no food waste. This eliminates that situation where a bottle of mystery sauce gets used for 1 teaspoon and then sits in the fridge for 6 months until it expires. In addition, we had been in a pattern of buying groceries without a great meal plan and then having things go bad. We'd look in the fridge, realize we were missing key ingredients and opt to go out for dinner at the last minute. This meant wasted food and money. Enter Blue Apron to help us out.

Blue Apron - is it eco friendly?

Blue Apron helping out in the kitchen - Piperoos

Is it Eco Friendly ? 

Now from an eco-friendly perspective, Blue Apron has received some criticism for their packaging. They do encourage people to recycle the boxes, as well as the bubble wrap and plastic that holds the ice packs. I am hopeful that they'll continue to focus more on their green efforts and find a way to work with reusable packaging. That said, generally I think their vision is on the right track. Also, when the alternative is restaurant eating, that can also present some green challenges. Overall, the benefits above have made it worth it for us to stick with the cult for now. Here's to happy eating, and a happy belated valentines day to all!  

Try Blue Apron and get 30$ off your first order

An Eco-Friendly Valentines Day February 13, 2017 09:00

Happy Valentines Day (in advance)! We hope you'll be celebrating with your family and saying "I love you" a few extra times tomorrow. 

If you'd like to make a Valentine's Day craft with your little ones but haven't decided which one yet, check out this blogpost offering 14 cute ideas. 

We tested out these cute little cork love bugs!

Valentines Day DIY Recycled Love Bugs

It makes a truly eco-friendly craft because it uses mostly recycled materials and only stuff we already had at home.  We didn't even get the glue gun out but instead used pins to stick on the "wings". 

On top of making a craft from recycled materials, here a few other suggestions to make your Valentine's day greener this year.

  • Choose fair trade and organic chocolate - it makes a huge difference, environmentally. If you don't yet know about Theo Chocolate, you will LOVE the quality of their chocolate as well as their beautiful packaging! 
  • Make your own chocolate instead of buying individually wrapped candies. Melt down some (fair trade and organic) chocolate pieces bought in bulk and pour into heart-shaped molds. 
  • Celebrate simply by wearing pink and red clothes (kids love participating!) or choosing to eat red berries for breakfast. 
  • Give a potted plant or organic flowers instead of the classic bouquet to your loved ones.  

Going green on Valentine's day shows our kids that we love our planet and want to take care of it. So *cheers* to a green (and red, and pink) February 14th! 

Being Green in the Kitchen - A Few Recipe Ideas February 7, 2017 12:11

I was planning to chat with you today about a favorite winter recipe, but... I can't decide.

So instead maybe this set of suggestions will help you get out of a rut. Whatever season it is, our family can get to a place where we just buy the same groceries, week after week, but sometimes you need something to shake things up. Here's hoping this helps to mix it up for you:

Lentil soups: I'm super into lentil soup these days and if you do it in a crockpot it's so easy. You have maybe 15 min of prep time and voila - a protein filled, cost effective, eco-friendly, yummy, yummy meal. Add some cumin for a funky tweak and some spinach for some extra green. A side of warm fresh bread and a slice of cheese can be heavenly.

Lentil, potato and spinach soup

- Potato, lentil and spinach soup - 

Buffalo cauliflower sandwiches: So we're lighter on the protein here, but we do really well in terms of delicious flavors. The melty blue cheese, the spicy buffalo sauce, it's all making my mouth water right now. Make sure you have some great crusty bread to set it off. 

Veggie chili: Another crock pot favorite. As long as you have some beans, you should be in good shape. Our "designer" options are some frozen corn, maybe celery, and garbanzo beans in addition to your chili basics. This also freezes well which is handy.

Crockpot chili - Piperoos - Being Green in the Kitchen
- Crockpot Chili - 

Whatever you're making these days, please try to stay eco-friendly by choosing local, seasonal ingredients. Here's a hint - the things that are plentiful and reasonably priced in your grocery store are usually the ones that are in season. Of course, buying organic can be a little more pricy, but I'm happy to do it when I can for the health of our families and our food growing communities. Using the EWG's Clean Fifteen & Dirty Dozen Guide for prioritizing which fruits and vegetables to buy as organic produce is another way to be green without busting your budget. Lentils and beans are of course especially great options for the green diner as they pack so much protein into an eco-friendly package.

So there it is... a few ideas for you. Of course, reach out if you'd like more details on any of these OR if you have a recipe to share!

Sarah from Real Simple Mama tested Piperoos while Moving Houses July 20, 2016 11:15

Sarah from was lucky enough to receive her Piperoos just in time for moving houses and was pretty delighted with their quality and versatility!

"I got my Piperoos when we were in the middle of moving; with two kids under three years old, this has been no small task. And the Piperoos came in handy multiple times: when changing a diaper in the back of our car, laying our baby down for a minute in our new (furniture-less) home, or grabbing out of my bag while nursing at a restaurant."

- Sarah,

She also raved about our eco-friendly measures:

"I also did some more research on the company behind the product. And what I found was some of the most incredible eco-friendly measures I have ever seen from a brand.

You probably are not surprised that the Piperoos are 100% organic cotton flannel. And the packaging is recycled cardboard. But their efforts did not stop there – both the final product and their boxes are made locally; the ink used on the shipping labels is low impact and soy-based; and the company pays a fee to negate their carbon footprint from each product shipped!"

- Sarah,

Read the entire review here.