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April Fool's Day Confusion April 1, 2017 00:00

April Fool's Day Confusion

So... a few years ago my husband thought it would be hilarious to "fool" me on April fool's day. He woke up crazy early and surreptitiously changed everything in my life to Spanish.

"What do you mean?" you say. Well, it started with my phone keyboard, voice recognition, all settings, then my work laptop, and so on. As I started my day I noticed these anomalies: hmm "why isn't my keyboard working?", "Why does my phone say "Hola"?", and so forth. To clarify, I don't speak Spanish. I gradually reconfigured everything and went about my day, not understanding initially that this had been a joke (I'm pretty technologically challenged, and figured maybe I had somehow brought this on myself). Some time in the midst of this my husband broke down out of frustration for the lack of appreciation for his wit and told me twat he'd done.

Now... it turns out, the joke wasn't over. Several months later, I came to realize that ALL the radio stations in my car were Spanish. Looking for some diversity, I asked John to recommend some stations so I could reset them. He burst out laughing at how incredibly oblivious I was to have not noticed this portion of his joke until months later. I guess I don't use my radio much?  
What's your funniest April fool's day joke?