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Organic Cotton Baby Change Pads Made to Last October 13, 2016 09:15

A few days ago Tavia King, mother of  3 and blogger at Tiny Drops of Honey published her review of our baby change pads.

"I feel that these are quality made and will last with normal daily use." - Tavia

Tavia is a big user of cloth diapers and natural synthetics. She prioritizes products that "are healthy for (her)family and for the environment" and was consequently very pleased to get a chance to review our eco friendly, organic cotton baby changing pads. She listed a number of things she loves about our product and one was the choice of labelling which she described as simple, attractive and out of the way so as not to irritate little ones. Piperoos Foxes Baby Change Pad Product Review

Tavia also underlined the quality of the change pads as well as how classy they look in our adorable packaging. On top of being gorgeous, Piperoos packaging is as green as the product. The boxes are printed with soy-based ink on recycled cardboard, and done locally.

"The packaging is a lovely eco-friendly thin cardboard and looks ultra classy.  It would be a beautiful new baby gift!" - Tavia

Read the complete review here - she talks about the products durability, how Piperoos are easy to use and wash, as well as how much she loves the foxes pattern. And... we must admit, so do we!

Piperoos Eco Friendly Baby Change Pad Organic Cotton Foxes