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Piperoos - The Perfect Baby Shower Gift July 25, 2017 07:57

Do you have a Baby Shower coming up? Not sure what to get for the new parents-to-be? 

Piperoos Baby Changing Pads make the perfect baby shower gift ! 

Here's why:

  • They are so useful. Perfect for on-the-go changes and also for at-home quick floor changes (or to protect the changing table), Piperoos are so very handy. Why? The 100% organic cotton is super absorbent, they are super easy to wash (machine-washable) and they are small enough to roll up or stack without taking up tons of space! 
  • They are really gorgeous. The packaging and the super soft flannel pads are so beautiful! Parents-to-be will fall in love with the adorable patterns of the changing pads themselves but also adore the super classy box.  
  • They are very versatile. Piperoos change pads are so much more than just that. They're also perfect for tummy time, for shoulder time, as an extra layer in the crib and even as a blanket! 
  • They are eco-friendly. Piperoos baby change pads are eco-friendly in so many ways and if your friends are environmentally conscious, they'll be so happy to learn about all the ways our company is committed to being "green".

Place your order now! 

Get your perfect baby shower gift through our online boutique or on Amazon (and enjoy free shipping!) - you won't regret it! 

Piperoos Baby Changing Pads Make a Perfect Gift

4 Inspiring Mom's to Follow on Instagram July 11, 2017 13:20

Instagram can be a terrific place stay up-to-date with your favorite mom bloggers and eco-friendly companies. And, let's face it, there are some Instagram accounts we appreciate more than others because they resonate with our values and have pics that we find inspiring. We've made a list of our 4 favorites (and why they're our favorites) so that we could introduce you to these inspiring mom's. Here goes! 

4 Inspiring Mom's to Follow on Instagram

  1. Shea @shamelessmama for her beautiful photos of her life with her twin girls and light-hearted way of approaching parenthood.
  2. Meredith @meredithtested for her commitment to being zero waste and plastic free and her posts that spark both reflection and action to be more environmentally responsible.
  3. Jess @thistwinlife for her amazing ideas for DIY crafts and terrific activities to do with toddlers! Also, her pics are so colorful and beautiful.
  4. Amy @americanmadebabybrands because of her passion for baby brands (& products) that are both made in the USA and eco-friendly! 

Piperoos is on Kickstarter! July 09, 2017 07:06

We have officially launched our kickstarter campaign!!

Support Piperoos on Kickstarter

We're looking for 4,000$ to help make our 100% organic cotton baby change pads available to new parents everywhere. We plan on using the funds to cover design costs, fabric, packaging, and other expenses as Piperoos continues to grow.

Making The World a Better Place

Choosing to be environmentally conscious in everything we do (the cotton is 100% organic, the labor will be done by local seamstresses, and the packaging is recycled and uses soy dyes), we aim to make the world a better and more beautiful place for new babies and parents too!

How Can I Show the Love (Support Piperoos)?

In exchange for your support (starting at only 10$), we'll send you a variety of gifts, including an exclusive customized 3-pack offer where you can get your changing pads with your baby's name on them. All the gifts will be shipped anywhere in the US and Canada, except, of course, the Watermelon Party (which will be held locally in Studio City, L.A.). 

FYI : the campaign ends on August 1st and it's an all or nothing situation. We'll only get your pledged funding if we reach the 4000$ goal. So, share with your friends - help us get the word out and thanks for backing this project - it means the world to us! 

PS you can click here to land on our Kickstarter page and show your love.