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ECO PARENTS USA - our brand new FB group October 14, 2017 13:34

Do you love your kids and care about the planet? 

We're pretty excited to announce that we've just started a FB group : ECO PARENTING USA, a community for eco-friendly parents. It's a space for sharing ideas about parenting in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. 

Eco parents USA - fb group - piperoos

Piperoos strives to be eco friendly in every way it can and creating a community of like-minded parents feels like a great way to fulfill our mission of helping parents reduce their environmental impact. 

We're so excited to see how we can help each other in the common goal of being Eco Parents. Would you like to join us

Piperoos on American Made Baby Brands April 25, 2017 09:35

Amy from American Made Baby Brands recently chatted with Sarah for a series she's doing on Mompreneurs. Her review of Piperoos can be found here but we wanted to share with you our favorite part. 


"Sarah set out to create all-purpose pads similar to cloth diapers and the homemade flannel pads she received as a gift before Piper was born. Her “environmental compass” was to make Piperoos with all organic cotton, recycled packaging, low impact dyes — and locally made to cut down on transportation impact. She even pays to offset the carbon footprint of shipping." 

But don't forget to read the whole post Mama Maker : Sarah from Piperoos over on Amy's blog and maybe even follow her on Facebook

3 Things We Love About Patagonia February 23, 2017 09:00

3 Things We Love About Patagonia - Piperoos

Patagonia is an AMAZING store! Recently, on one of my favourite  podcasts (How I Built This), I learned some new and inspiring stuff about this truly eco-friendly company. Right on their website they declare themselves as environmental activists - I love that!

In the name of respecting our new series of "Three Things Thursdays", I had to chose just 3 things I love about Patagonia, but it was hard... 

Here they are: 

  1. Patagonia has been encouraging people to buy less stuff and find ways to reuse and restore their equipment! How cool is that!? 
  2. In 2016, they pledged 10$ million from their Black Friday Sales to grassroots environmental groups.   
  3. For the past 20 years, they've been using organic cotton and been pesticide-free!  

Like I said, those are only a few reasons we love this company. If you are interested in learning more, check out this short video (click on image below) to see everything that they are doing to be a green (and more and more fair trade) company. 

Patagonia 2016 environmental actions video

Piperoos strives to be green in every way possible and it is so inspiring to see big companies like Patagonia making the environment a priority as well. 


Eco Friendly Waterproof Baby Change Pads November 17, 2016 18:22

Have you noticed? There's a new product in our catalog: Waterproof Baby Change Pads.

We are very excited to have a second generation of our Basic Baby Changing Pads on the market. With the environment as a priority, we have chosen non-toxic PUL for our waterproof layer, making these baby changing pads as green as ever, but with the added benefit of being waterproof.

Piperoos Ecofriendly Waterproof Baby Change Pads

If your little one tends to make extra messes during diaper changing time, or even drool a little extra during tummy time, the waterproof version of Piperoos Change Pads will be perfect for you. Still machine washable and super soft for baby, these quality change pads may become a new staple in your home! Shop now.

Living the green life with Tree People November 9, 2016 11:48

What a great day! It's verging on a fall day here in LA with a light breeze and some clouds to offer a break from the beating sun. This morning we took the opportunity to go for a local hike with Tree People. I had heard of the organization before, but just thought they supported green initiatives like charity tree planting events and had no idea about how nice of a space they have. Turns out they have a beautiful hiking and education space at the top of Coldwater Canyon in Beverly Hills. They host family educational hikes (see schedule on their site), and show off their LEED certified building and their eco friendly education facilities. They have things like a sample "normal" residential home and they contrast that with eco friendly water management tools on their sample "eco friendly" home. We got to hike around with lots of other families (sporting some designer hiking gear of course... it is LA after all), and learn about soil management, types of drought resistant trees, and best of all we got to "call" coyotes. Sadly, we didn't get a response this time around, but apparently sometimes they do!! So grateful to have found this spot. We became members, so I anticipate more gorgeous hikes to come!

Versatile, Gorgeous, and Great for the Environment ! October 21, 2016 06:09

Brittany was yet another lucky mama who got the chance to review our truly beautiful, very versatile, and genuinely eco friendly baby changing pads.

Her review raves about how Piperoos has made her life easier, especially when she is on the move with her little Madison.  The versatile nature of our organic cotton baby change pads make them a valuable addition to the changing bag. To boot, babies love the soft feel of the organic cotton used for the pads, making changing diapers a little easier.

Piperoos eco friendly baby change pad on

"Madison loved her Piperoos and I even caught her rubbing the cloth against her face feeling how soft it is."

And, let's not forget that the packaging and the pads are gorgeous. Brittany is certainly not the first to mention that Piperoos are super useful, environment friendly, and  super classy. She says "I just love using something that has such a great purpose, is helpful and is stylish."