Fresh Thoughts and Ideas : Eco Friendly Parenting and More!

ECO PARENTS USA - our brand new FB group October 14, 2017 13:34

Do you love your kids and care about the planet? 

We're pretty excited to announce that we've just started a FB group : ECO PARENTING USA, a community for eco-friendly parents. It's a space for sharing ideas about parenting in the most environmentally-friendly way possible. 

Eco parents USA - fb group - piperoos

Piperoos strives to be eco friendly in every way it can and creating a community of like-minded parents feels like a great way to fulfill our mission of helping parents reduce their environmental impact. 

We're so excited to see how we can help each other in the common goal of being Eco Parents. Would you like to join us

Three things I love about Encinitas October 5, 2017 09:00

Since we moved we've been mired in working on our new home and getting integrated to our new routines. It feels like we've barely had time to experience our community. That said, here are three things I'm already super grateful for.

  1. The breezes - that soft ocean breeze that seems to somehow be at the perfect temperature all day... pretty irresistible.
  2. The vibe - the chill hippy vibe mixed with incredibly passionate outdoor enthusiasts is such a treat. You get the environmental focus, the surfer cool, and the talented and knowledgeable athletes with experience in so many pursuits. All blended together it feels just right!
  3. The sunsets - I may experience some premature blindness due to their beauty. I just can't seem to stop myself from staring. Such a magical way to wrap up a day. 

If you have a moment, we'd love to hear what you love about your community!

3 Things we Love About Pint Size Kids June 8, 2017 11:00

Do you know about Pint Size Kids

Situated in Sherman Oaks, California, Pint Size Kids is a wonderful space for kids to play, learn and interact with other children. There are 3 things we love about this place. 

  1. It's exciting and inviting! When you walk in for playtime, there is a general area with little roads for the Little Tikes cars to follow but also a grocery store area, a house area, a dentist area and a workshop area. Kids can play for hours with other friends and/or their own imagination. 
  2. The space is well organized. There is space for toddlers to play, a separate space for babies to hang out, a zone for Messy Art (one of their classes), an area for snack time and even a backyard for Soccer School to happen! You don't need to be a member, but it gives you price advantages for play time and classes. 
  3. They offer great classes. We personally love Messy Art and Soccer School but there are also music and dance classes offered. Check out the current offer here.3 things we love about pint size kids -

Spaces like Pint Size Kids are so important for creating community and helping kids learn to play and interact with other kids in a respectful way. 

Do you have any spaces like these in your community?