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Game changer September 29, 2017 13:36

The baby carrier dilemma... when our daughter was born, we invested in a classic structured baby carrier. We were lucky enough to also be gifted a wrap style carrier. In my mind we were set. 

Turns out I was wrong. The wrap style didn't seem to ever leave her feeling comfortable and the structured carrier wasn't a great fit on my body (better for my husband), but also wasn't that usable when she was an infant. Despite these challenges, I never considered investing in another baby carrier. It seemed redundant and wasteful.

Enter my wonderful friend and mother of two. She insisted she wanted to give us a gift of an ergo baby carrier. I refused and explained my already plentiful stable of carriers. She persisted, and one day an ergo baby arrived in the mail. 

From day 1 my life changed. My daughter was at peace in the carrier and that meant I was too. I could have her snuggled in, but also maintain the use of my arms. I could do things with two hands again. She almost always fell asleep instantly in it. It had a perfect infant insert and was super comfy on my body. I could go walking and have her be happy. It was AMAZING!!! This single piece of equipment was such a major game changer for us as new parents.

I am eternally grateful for my friends wisdom and persistence, and I want to pass this wisdom on to others. This said, I want you to find the right carrier for you. For me, it's ergo all the way.

California Baby and Angel Hair May 23, 2017 16:28

Does your little one have long but very fine (and easily tangled) hair? 

Ours does. And we've been using, and LOVING, California Baby's Calming Hair De-tangler lately. It really is calming and leaves the "angel hair" smelling sweet and easy to manage. But not only is this de-tangler calming, it's also made with organic and sustainably-grown ingredients. 

It's so great t to have a product that's wonderful to use but also so committed to being environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It also makes us happy to know that California Baby was founded and is run by a woman - a real inspiration for Piperoos! Click here for more info about their practices and commitment to the planet and families all over. 

If you use and love California Baby too, give us a shout!