3 Ways to be Eco-Conscious Parents September 22, 2017 16:36


Piperoos strives to be eco-conscious in every way possible!! Doing our part for the planet means manufacturing locally, using 100% organic cotton and choosing to use eco-friendly packaging (recycled cardboard and soy-based ink, also printed locally).

We also want to help you be eco-conscious! Here are 3 ideas of ways that you can reduce your impact (based on the that came out on the most effective individual actions to act on climate change) 

1) Eat a vegetarian diet 

We know this one can be hard for many so without going 100% vegetarian, we invite you to eat more and more vegetarian meals. Angela Liddon's website Oh She Glows is a TERRIFIC place for inspiration. Plus, she has a kid of her own and alot of her recipes are kid-friendly such as this fast pasta recipe!

2) Be picky about what you buy

A few criteria should be in the forefront when making purchases. Here are three questions to ask: "do I need this?", "how is this manufactured/produced?" and "will this last?" 

3) Use public or active transport when you can 

This can be a real challenge with kids and public transport isn't always accessible. But when it is, or when the play group or the library is a 20-min walk from your home, take advantage of it! 

It's so important to stay positive about these changes however so make sure you do what you can, but avoid beating yourself up about the stuff you can't do. We all have different realities and we can all do our part, in our own way. 

Every action counts and intention can go a long way as it slowly makes its way into your everyday habits. We'd love to hear from you! What are your eco-friendly actions that you're already doing or that you intend on including in your life?