I'm Dreaming of A Green Christmas - 6 Eco Friendly Tips December 12, 2017 11:35

Christmas is just a few short weeks away and we wanted to share with you some ideas for an eco-friendly holiday season! 

6 Ways to Go Green This Holiday Season 

  1. Wrap your gifts in reused wrapping paper!
  2. Try out fabric wrapping, recycled paper, or reusable bags - you can get some beautiful christmas-themed fabric that feels festive and "green"! 
  3. Avoid the tinsel - use paper or popcorn garlands instead. 
  4. Give fewer gifts (and choose them carefully - be sure that each person really needs or wants what you are offering)
  5. Make your own cookies! It's a simple one but it means less packaging. 
  6. Set up a real christmas tree - it's more eco-friendly than a plastic one! 

What are the ways that your family stays green for the Holidays?