Eco-Friendly Lunch Ideas September 8, 2017 12:15

It's that time of year! School has started and vacation is definitely over. It's back to the meal planning and lunch packing fun of September. 

In order to inspire you to make your lunches as eco-friendly as possible for you, your partner or your kid(s), we've pulled together some pretty terrific ideas. 

Eco-Friendly Lunch Ideas 

**these recipes are plant-based because plant-based is always eco-friendly. 

Tips For a "Green" Lunchbox

  • Invest in some good tupperware that you can use and wash and repeat
  • Choose reusable snack bags vs. plastic snack bags (for example these bags from Itzy Ritzy with adorable patterns) 
  • Avoid juice boxes and individual yogurt containers (or at least recycle them). Use instead small plastic or glass containers such as mason jars (you can get tiny little 4 oz ones that are perfect for small portions)

If you make just one eco-friendly recipe or put into place one "green" lunchbox tip, you'll be making a difference. We sincerely hope that your back-to-school/work experience is a great one and don't forget to focus on what's important : the people you love. It makes every day brighter.