Daylight Savings Parenting Trick November 4, 2017 17:16

Daylight savings is this weekend! 

The daylight savings time change seems to drive some people crazy. I’ve heard stories of multi-week plans built to try to adjust kids and family schedules to the time shift. These people are tweaking bedtime for 5-15 minutes each day leading up to the change. They’re diligently working to try to sail through this event smoothly, and this is totally fine if it works for you.

For our family we take another approach. We do... NOTHING. Even when our daughter was younger, and sleep schedules seemed to be absolutely critical to family happiness, we still did nothing. It just seems to be ok. We may notice she falls asleep a bit earlier or later than we might have expected otherwise, but overall it works out. We often take the same approach to travel time changes. We just roll with the time zone we’re in, let our environment dictate the flow, and do our best. It’s never perfect, but it seems to be good enough. Fingers crossed that this weekend works out too!