An Eco-Friendly Valentines Day February 13, 2017 09:00

Happy Valentines Day (in advance)! We hope you'll be celebrating with your family and saying "I love you" a few extra times tomorrow. 

If you'd like to make a Valentine's Day craft with your little ones but haven't decided which one yet, check out this blogpost offering 14 cute ideas. 

We tested out these cute little cork love bugs!

Valentines Day DIY Recycled Love Bugs

It makes a truly eco-friendly craft because it uses mostly recycled materials and only stuff we already had at home.  We didn't even get the glue gun out but instead used pins to stick on the "wings". 

On top of making a craft from recycled materials, here a few other suggestions to make your Valentine's day greener this year.

  • Choose fair trade and organic chocolate - it makes a huge difference, environmentally. If you don't yet know about Theo Chocolate, you will LOVE the quality of their chocolate as well as their beautiful packaging! 
  • Make your own chocolate instead of buying individually wrapped candies. Melt down some (fair trade and organic) chocolate pieces bought in bulk and pour into heart-shaped molds. 
  • Celebrate simply by wearing pink and red clothes (kids love participating!) or choosing to eat red berries for breakfast. 
  • Give a potted plant or organic flowers instead of the classic bouquet to your loved ones.  

Going green on Valentine's day shows our kids that we love our planet and want to take care of it. So *cheers* to a green (and red, and pink) February 14th!